Breeze of Simplicity: Meditation Weekend

This course introduces spiritual practices, meditation, and various themes from specific spiritual traditions. The spiritual tradition will vary depending on the visiting instructor presenting. Beginning or experienced students are welcome and are guided through the presentations. The weekend includes lectures, discussion, meditation, and/or other spiritual practices. Cross-listed as REL504W. Ven. Dr. Pannavati, a black, female Buddhist monk ordained in the Theravada and Chan traditions, studies in the Vajrayana tradition, and received transmission from Roshi Bernie Glassman of Zen Peacemaker. A former Christian pastor, she is co-founder and co-Abbot of Embracing-Simplicity Hermitage and Co-Director of Heartwood Refuge, an intentional community, residential retreat, and conference center in Hendersonville, NC. She is president of the Treasure Human Life Foundation. Pannavati conducts retreats nationally at over fifty centers each year. She advises the cultivation of both wisdom and compassionate action and believes it is fine to sit, meditate, and pray when things are good; when they are not, we are compelled to get off our pillows and do something.
Course Number: REL158W
Units: 1.0