Minor in Writing & Literature

Entering the Major, Minor, or Interdisciplinary Studies: Concentration in Writing and Literature

In accordance with University policy, students can declare their major at any time. In order to progress through the coursework in this major, students must take the following  course pre-requisites at the earliest opportunity: WRI115 Writing Seminar II, WRI210 Literay Studies, and WRI234 Creative Reading and Writing. After completing these 200- level courses with a grade of "C" or better:

  • students earning a minor fulfill the remaining 6 credits through 300-level literature courses and/or writing workshops.
  • students earning a concentration in W&L (INTD) take 12 credits in the major, which must derive from 300-level courses or higher
  • students earning the major take 6 credits of 300-level literature courses and 6 credits of 400-level literature courses; 6 credits of 300-level writing workshops and 6 credits of 400-level writing workshops, including WRI429, Writing Workshop: Contemplative Poetics; 3 credits of professional development; and 3 thesis credits.

For entry into 300 and 400 level courses, students must have taken:

  • WRI210 and COR115 to register for 300-level literature courses
  • WRI234 and COR115 to register for 300-level writing workshop courses
  • 9 credits of 300-level courses to register for 400-level courses
  • WRI210, WRI234, and 3 credits of 300-level courses to register for professional development courses

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