MA in Religious Studies with Language: Indo-Tibetan Buddhism Requirements

First year, fall


First year, spring

Religious Studies elective (3)


First year, summer

Tibetan Tradition emphasis students will attend Nitartha Institute**

SUBTOTAL 3 (Tibetan Tradition emphasis)

Second year, fall

Religious Studies elective (3)


Second year, spring

Religious Studies elective (3) History of Religions emphasis only

SUBTOTAL 13 (16 History of Religions emphasis)


* It is highly recommended that students complete the noncredit monthlong Buddhist Meditation Intensive requirement (REL650) by the winter break between the fall and spring semesters of their first year, or at the latest during the summer following their first year.

** Students are required to complete the requirement of attending a monthlong Nitartha Institute program in the summer following their first year. This is integral to sequence of the curriculum.

Religious Studies Electives

Buddhism Electives


General Electives


Contemplative Practice Electives

REL609W Mindfulness Instructor Training I (1)*

REL690W–795W Shambhala Training I–XII (1)

REL709W Mindfulness Instructor Training II (1)*

REL809W Mindfulness Instructor Training III (1)*

* These courses must be taken in sequence. The prerequisites for REL609W are Meditation Practicum I and II, as well as a Buddhist monthlong meditation intensive, two weeks of which must be completed before the class begins.

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