MA in Somatic Counseling Psychology: Dance/Movement Therapy Courses

PSYS500 MASCP Program Orientation Seminar (noncredit)

PSYS605 Advanced Clinical Skills I (2)

PSYS606 Counseling Relationships I: Verbal & Nonverbal Skills in Counseling & Psychotherapy (2)

PSYS607 Appraisal: Clinical Assessment (3)

PSYS613 Social and Multicultural Foundations (3)

PSYS616 Foundations of Dance/Movement Therapy (3)

PSYS621 Body/Movement Observation and Assessment I (3)

PSYS623 Group Community Skills I (noncredit)

PSYS626 Foundations of Body Psychotherapy (3)

PSYS632 Lifestyles and Career Development I: Identity, Transitions, and Career Selection (2)

PSYS637 Body/Movement Observation and Assessment II (3)

PSYS646 The Body in Meditation and Psychotherapy I (1)

PSYS649 The Body in Meditation and Psychotherapy II (1)

PSYS653 Group Community Skills II (noncredit)

PSYS656 Counseling Relationships II: Verbal & Nonverbal Skills in Counseling & Psychotherapy (3)

PSYS657 Clinical Neuroscience (3)

PSYS660 Family Systems Skills: Methods of Family Therapy (3)

PSYS682 Human Growth and Development (3)

PSYS683 Group Process and Dynamics (3)

PSYS687 Clinical Orientation (3)

PSYS699 Independent Study (1–3)

PSYS701 Research & Program Evaluation (3)

PSYS706 Specialized Approaches in Dance/Movement Therapy: Therapist as Artist (2)

PSYS715 Specialized Approaches in Body Psychotherapy: Trauma, Resilience, and Change (2)

PSYS723 Group Community Skills III (noncredit)

PSYS736 Current Methods and Skills in Psychotherapy (3)

PSYS753 Group Community Skills IV (noncredit)

PSYS756 Advanced Clinical Skills II (3)

PSYS762 Lifestyles and Career Development II: Theory and Counseling Strategies (1)

PSYS816 Internship Placement I (0.5)

PSYS823 Group Community Skills V (0.5)

PSYS825 Research Project Seminar (2)

PSYS826 Internship Seminar I: Dance/Movement Therapy (2)

PSYS827 Internship Seminar I: Body Psychotherapy (2)

PSYS834 Master’s Project Seminar I (1)

PSYS835 Master’s Project Seminar II (1)

PSYS853 Group Community Skills VI (noncredit)

PSYS856 Professional Orientation (3)

PSYS866 Internship Placement II (0.5)

PSYS875 Internship Seminar II: Body Psychotherapy (2)

PSYS876 Internship Seminar II: Dance/Movement Therapy (2)

PSYS877 Extended Internship Placement (0.5)

PSYS882 Extended Master’s Project (.5)

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